Digital Profile

Digital Profile

For my Digital Profile project I chose a Dolce & Gabbana lipstick advertisement that features the famous Monica Bellucci in a sexy pose while sporting a very bright pink lip color from her very own line form Dolce & Gabbana. This advertisement was a huge hit online and on television in 2012. Many different blogs asked the question that if this advertisement was not the best make-up advertisement of the year, then what was? Dolce & Gabbana is a large brand name that does not just sell clothing and accessories; rather they sell a look but more importantly a style for many different men and women and their lifestyles. The brand has been established for many years and is still towering over many other brand names that are out there, but often time’s people think of Dolce & Gabbana has too high class for them. It seems as though they make sure only certain people receives their advertisements. Although their advertisements are on many different websites and television channels some people believe that they are more focused on the high society group of men and women because of their lack and inconsistency of advertisements on certain channels and websites.
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